Project Description

Automotive GA2-24V

Overhead suction unit with radio control!

The Automotive is the only suction unit in our range with which overhead installations can be carried out, whereby all functions can be controlled by radio remote control.

The functions include: Suction, release, 360° horizontal endless rotation, 20° right and left swivel and 90° horizontal tilting. In combination with our glass and material lift GML 800+, the suction unit is powered by the control unit of the lift.

Easy pick-up, convenient lifting and lowering, precise alignment and gentle insertion – all by remote control. This enables comfortable, precise and effortless work. Damage to windows, frames and seals is avoided. Money and time can be saved.

Two lateral extensions, each with an additional suction plate, are available for handling long, heavy panes and to avoid the risk of glass breakage. Their use prevents longer panes from deflecting – and thus ultimately from breaking.

With these characteristics, the Automotive suction unit in combination with our GML800+ Glass and Material Lift forms a strong team for glass assemblies of all kinds.

Like all of our suction units, the Automotive also complies with EN 13155.

Model overview

Model:Automotive GA2-24V
Load capacity:500 kg
Suction cups:6 in 3 Series
Operation:24V Accupump
Functions:Draw/ Release by radio remote control
Rotate:360° by radio remote control
Tilt:90° by radio remote control
Right/Left20° by radio remote control
Self-weightca. 150 kg
Incl.:Charger, radio remote control
Suitable  for Wienold Lift:GML

The payload of the glass lift is always reduced by the dead weight of the suction system.