Project Description

Belt Suction Unit G2-12V

Variable and functional!

The Belt Suction Unit G2-12V has two long belts to which a pair of suction pads are attached on each side.

The belts offer flexibility when it comes to picking up and mounting loads. This allows the load to be manually adjusted in various directions or adjusted past obstacles without having to move the lift.

In addition, the belt suction cup offers the possibility of positioning the suction plates on the load where it is possible. Other suction systems, e.g. with rigidly connected suction plates, often require larger surfaces in order to fully transfer the suction force to the load.

The combination of belts and small suction surface offers, compared to systems with rigid frames, considerably more flexibility in positioning the suction pads and handling the glass panes on the glass lift.

This makes the belt suction cup particularly suitable for processing narrow and long panes, as well as for front doors with window inserts, etc.

Like all of our suction units, the Belt Suction Unit also complies with EN 13155.

Model overview

Model:Belt suction unit G2-12V
Load capacity:300 kg
Suction cups:2x 1 Pair of straps
Operation:12V Accupump
Functions:Draw/Release by cable control
Self-weight:ca. 30 kg
Incl.:Charger, cable control
Suitable for Wienold Lift:WLU-P, SLK, GML, MFC

The payload of the glass lift is always reduced by the dead weight of the suction system.