Project Description

Bus Suction Unit DSK2-12V

Ideal for holding concaved discs.

The Bus Suction Unit has floating suction plates. This makes it ideal for picking up curved discs. The outer suction pads are ball-and-socket mounted, the inner ones spring-loaded in order to adapt optimally to the curvatures. With a load capacity of 250 kg, the Bus Suction Unit can be used on any of the material lifts we offer.

The Bus Suction Unit picks up the curved glass and holds it securely via the 2-circuit vacuum system. In conjunction with the glass lift, the windscreen can be precisely aligned and adjusted before it comes into contact with the adhesive.

Damage caused by manual work or inaccurate insertion is a thing of the past. Physical stress is significantly reduced and work safety increased accordingly.

Like all of our suction units, the Bus Suction Unit also complies with EN 13155.

Model overview

Model:Bus suction unit DSK2-12V
Load capacity:250 kg (150 kg Outdoor)
Sunction cups:6 in 2 Series
Operation:12V Accupumpe
Functions:Draw/Release by  cable control
Rotate:360° manuel
Tilt:90° manuel
Self-weightca. 45 kg
Incl.:Charger, cable control
Suitable for Wienold Lift:WLU-P, SLK, GML, MFC

The payload of the glass lift is always reduced by the dead weight of the suction system.