Project Description

Compactliner DSLMH2-12V

The compact one!

The Compactliner convinces with its compact design. It offers a high load capacity on a small surface. The distance between the suspension point and the centre of rotation is only 80 cm, with a load capacity of 750 kg. The suction, release and turning functions can be controlled via cable remote control.

The slim frame, the high load capacity and the remote control create optimal conditions for mounting thick and unwieldy discs. The suction cup can be extended from 6 to 10 suction pads, increasing the load capacity from 450 kg to 750 kg.

Since the suction unit’s own weight must always be deducted from the capacity of the lifting device, we recommend using the Compactliner on our GML800+ or MFC750. These lifts offer sufficient payload even after deduction of their own weight to use the full load capacity of the suction units. Alternatively, they can also be used on cranes, forklifts and the like.

Like all of our suction units, the Compactliner also complies with EN 13155.

Model overview

Model:Compactliner DSLMH2-12V
Load capacity:750 kg (10 Suction cups), 450 kg (6 Suction cups)
Suction cups:6 in 3 Series
Operation:12V Pump
Functions:Draw/Release by cable-FB
Rotate:360° by cable- FB
Tilt:90° manuel
Self-weight:ca. 180 kg (10 Suction cups)
Incl.:Charger, Cable-FB
Suitable for Wienold Lift:GML, MFC

The payload of the glass lift is always reduced by the dead weight of the suction system.