Project Description

GML-C Glass and Material Lift Compact

Compact and powerful.

The Glass and Material Lift Compact (GML-C) is the newest development within our Glass and Material Lift product range.

The idea was to develop a more compact version of our top seller product, the GML. The working position has been decreased in comparison to the GML (M/AC) by 40 cm in length. The width in the transport position is merely 78 cm so that the GML-C fits in every elevator. The height of the GML-C is less than 1,90 m, so that the lift is suitable for all common door heights and widths.

The compact size of this glass and material lift enables work in a confined area. The “piano wheels” allow a considerable movability for precise adjustments of the working position. The GML-C can as well be moved sideways and brought into the needed positions.

The Safe Working Load amounts to 600 kg with two counter-weight boxes and 800 kg with four boxes. The GML-C can therefore easily be transferred from a 600 to an 800 kg version just be adding two extra boxes.

The lateral mounting device for the additional weight boxes can be dismantled. For more stability lateral outriggers are standard in each version. The lifting height in both versions amounts to 7,10 m (standard fork on top).