Project Description

MFC 750 Mini Floor Crane with counterweights

The strongest in his class.

The MFC is a manual crane with telescope. It lifts loads up to 900 kg to a maximum height of 2.90 m.

The MFC / K is the long version with rear-facing outriggers, which are equipped with one or two boxes each with 14 counterweights. The MFC can safely carry loads of up to 900 kg at a hook height of 2.90 m. With a full extended crane of 1.40 m, 410 kg payload remains.

The MFC / Ks is the short version without outriggers. This has the advantage that it requires only 0.65 m x 1.20 m of floor space. Thus, the MFC / Ks performs well even in confined spaces: The MFC / Ks lifts 745 kg to 2.90 m hook height. With a full extended boom of 1.40 m, it is still an impressive 160 kg.

The telescope is 8-fold adjustable in 14 cm of steps, from 0.26 m to 1.40 m of maximum display (before wheel). The high range is particularly advantageous when obstacles or a limited payload (e.g. of a balcony) prevents direct access. Loads are lifted with a few strokes using a powerful lifting cylinder.

The lowering can be precisely controlled via a handwheel and locks automatically when released.

For outdoor work, the MFC can be equipped with additional lateral outriggers to ensure high stability under wind load.

The MFC is also approved for dynamic loads according to DIN 15019-2, EN 13001-1, EN 13001-2.

DescriptionMFC 750/KMFC750Ks
Lifting height min.:0,77 m0,77 m
Lifting height max.:2,90 m2,90 m
Transport position – height:1,00 m1,00 m
– Length*:1,20 m1,20 m
– Width**:0,65 m0,65 m
Working position – height max.:1,92 m1,92 m
– Length*:1,80 m1,20m
– Width**:0,65 m0,65 m
Telescopic extension max.:1,40 m1,40 m
Payload max.:900 kg745 kg
Weight base unit***:168 kg142 kg
Weight long outrigger:38 kg
Weight lateral outrigger:30 kg30 kg
Weight box + 14 Weights:238 kg238 kg

* Pure footprint WITHOUT control bracket.
** Models with outdoor wheels: 0,78 m.
***Models with outdoor wheels plus 42 kg.