Project Description

Screenbutler DSKE2-12V

Perfect for overhead glazing!

The Screenbutler is ideal for holding large, heavy discs and other materials with an absorbent surface.

In combination with our GML, WLU and SLK material lifts, the maximum load capacity of the suction cup is safely carried by the lift. The Screenbutler is particularly suitable for glazing conservatories and canopies, as it easily masters overhead installations.

The system also enables frontal installation, with the panes being precisely and easily aligned in any position and then inserted slowly and precisely.

This prevents unnecessary damage to panes, frames and seals, which is often the case with manual suction units. This saves money and time, is easy on the nerves and reduces the physical strain on the fitters. In addition, the 2-circuit system contributes to greater work safety.

Like all of our suction units, the Screenbutler also complies with EN 13155.

Model overview

Model:Screenbutler DSKE2-12V
Load capacity:450 kg (6 Suction cups) / 300 kg (4 Suction cups)
Suction cups:4 in 1 Series
Setup:4+1, 4+2, row or cross
Operation:12V Accupump
Functions:Draw/Release by cable control
Rotate:360° manuell
Tilt:90° manuell
Self-weight:ca. 60 kg
Incl.:Charger, cable control
Suitable for Wienold Lift:WLU-P, SLK, GML, MFC

The payload of the glass lift is always reduced by the dead weight of the suction system.