Project Description

SLK Superlift with counterweights

The classic device.

The rear-mounted outriggers, equipped with a counterweight box, enable loads with a payload up to 450 kg to be lifted directly onto walls or over obstacles.

As with all our material lifts, the payload of the SLK depends on the lifting height. The lower the height to be reached, the greater the payload. The maximum lifting height is 7.90 m, with a payload of 300 kg available. The SLK is approved for a maximum of 450 kg, which can be raised to a height of 3.50 m. The SLK is available in four different lifting heights with corresponding payloads.

The SLK is our first in-house development, but still a best seller. We have incorporated numerous ideas and suggestions from our customers into the development. As daily practice has shown, the Wienold SLK has proven itself in many areas of daily use and is valued by many customers.

Model Lifting height Payload* Weight**
SLK 5 2,00 m 450 kg 104 kg
SLK 10 3,50 m 450 kg 122 kg
SLK 15 5,00 m 360 kg 150 kg
SLK 20 6,50 m 360 kg 182 kg
SLK 25 7,90 m 300 kg 200 kg

* Load center at 41 cm
** Weight without attachments. SLK 20 and SLK 25 incl. lateral outrigger plus 14 kg.