Wienold-Lifte offers you a great selection of material and personnel lifting equipment, scissor lifts, articulated and telescopic booms.

Since 1987 we represent GENIE exclusively for aluminium material and personnel lifts in Germany. At the end of the 90s we started to convert the GENIE SLA series into counter-balanced units to achieve better access for installations at the wall, especially to install steel beams, glass or windows.

There was a large demand for a material lift to be utilised in confined areas, therefore we designed the WLU Premium series. More capacity, SWL and height required to provide a lift up to 900kg SWL and 9,05 metres.  The GML series with 3 different power options was created. Equally, we designed the MFC 750, a Mini Floor Crane with up to 900 kg capacity and 3m lifting height, mainly used in the glass and window lifting industry however, it is also used to install balustrades and more. It can be used with an electric hoist for high raise buildings also to install shop front windows.

All our counterbalanced material hoists are notably favoured in the rental market, especially in the UK, France, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

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